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The shadow is both the container of darkness and the beacon pointing toward the light (Green, 1991)

During a recent training weekend spent looking shadow, I found myself more deeply in touch with my hidden self and all that encompasses. I found the experience of learning about my shadow with fellow group members evoking, tender and, healing.

Our 'shadow self' as named by Jung 1971 is often the opposite of how we present ourselves to the world, it can be the disowned or disliked aspects of our being that we push aside, ignore and misdirect. Often our shadow selves can be what we culturally understand to be less acceptable, less welcomed characteristics or in contrast, our strengths and successes.

What aspects of yourself do you feel are kept in the shadow? Your strength. Your power. Your vulnerability. Your Joy. Your intelligence?

In therapy, it is my invitation to be curious about your shadow self.

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