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Life is full of learning. Of course. The learning I experience from being with clients continues to take me into a deeper place of personal challenge and acceptance for myself. At first, I feel and I experience the edge, the rub, of what is emerging. I endure it, undulating between waves of shame, sadness, loss and growth. It can threaten to pull me out to sea but I am learning to face into what i am being asked to learn about myself more often. Swimming with steady strokes, confident in what I have learned, welcoming of the learning to come.

I feel the ground beneath me strengthening, working with me to withhold the storm. I reach into the places I know are available to me for strength, for guidance. I am learning that to reach with genuine curiosity creating new possibilities. I am learning to let myself fall and get up. To be pulled under and to reach up and up towards the surface for fresh air.

Accepting myself as a flawed and good person opens up my capacity for growth. I am me and my internal voice feels more steady, more sure with these words. For now, in this moment, I feel alive and full of heart. I feel hope.

Be slow

Allow the belly to expand, steady, and retract.



How are you now?

How did you experience that with ...

What did you learn about ....

What happened there?

I noticed ...

How are you now?

Take your time, check it out?

What do you notice?

Pause, be with the breath.

Figure and Ground

What is holding your attention?

And it goes on

An orchestra is playing

The music a deeply personal journey

I seek to know understand ?

To develop the figure and ground.

To acknowledge

To accept.

I seek to grow and steady.

I seek to be professionally true, guided, aware, gentle, generous and strong in my ground.

I seek to support through validation and challenge.

I seek to trust the process and myself.

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