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Autumn is here

Autumn is my favourite time of year. I love the changing colours, the darker nights that beg for a burning log fire and a warm cuppa. Images that for me represent a desire to take root and nest. I like this season as it fills me a desire to slow down and take stock.

I took my children to the Scottish Deer Centre in Cupar recently and loved seeing the wolves, lynx and bears as it is so rare to see them up close. Most of all though i got to see my beloved stags and their amazing antlers. I could have spent hours just observing these creatures but i had two children with me who moved at a much faster pace. Their attention shifted from stimulus to stimulus, sometimes returning but often focused on moving forward. It reminded me of the shift in pace in todays world.

I was left with a heaviness, a weighted burden of what they are missing from their experience of the world. Everything they take in or are presented with feels indeliable with this fast pace, quick fixes, quick satisfaction often leaving us with a need for more or something else. Instantly. I would like to help my family to slow down and encourage my children to soak in an experience. The challenge for me is how. Breaking through that already set pace feels incredibly challenging even when good intentions lead us to places like the Scottish Deer Centre, or even just a walk in the woods. As my children enter into their teenage years i find it more and more challenging to encourage the mere reading of a book or chatting at the dinner table. I want to hear about their experiences, their dreams and fears. There is a feeling of being rushed, of rushing through the day and our brief time together. I myself contribute to this in many ways as a busy working mum. I find that i am also rushing through life, avoiding the hard choices, the painful moments. I love them with my whole being yet i have allowed myself to become sucked into something less connected with myself. Does my experience resonate with you? How do you rush through your life?

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